Yolanda Moayedi, President/Director

Yolanda Moayedi

Yolanda Moayedi serves as President & Treasurer for Fighting For Children, Inc. Yolanda founded Fighting For Children in 2008 after she and her husband had the privilege of meeting a young boy who was undoubtedly lost in a system that could not provide him with the love, security and stability that every child deserves. They made a pact at that time to utilize their expertise and media resources to bring awareness to the needs of children.

Mrs. Moayedi has been president of MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC since 2002. As co-founder of an international company that produces professional Muay Thai events for television, she has helped develop an international media platform that includes Pay Per View, Video On Demand, Mobile, ipTV, and the selling of television license rights worldwide.

Yolanda Moayedi serves as President, Promoter and Managing Director at MKM®. Yolanda has been involved in business management since 1987. Yolanda co-founded MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC in 2002 and helped establish World Shin Do Kumaté Association, Inc. as an official sanctioning body for amateur kickboxing.

In addition, she acquired the first professional MMA promoter’s license in the history of Florida. In 2009, Yolanda founded a non-profit organization Fighting For Children, Inc. and strives to use her resources to help underprivileged children.