Foster Homes

Fighting For Children is unique in that we produce short video documentaries of foster children awaiting adoption in an effort to have their individual personalities portrayed on film to match them with forever families.  Our objective is to have them seen by the general public with the hope of touching the hearts of families who may not have ever considered adoption prior to seeing the video.

In partnership with the Children’s Home Society of Florida, Fighting For Children serves to increase the number of adoptive families, increase the number of foster parents, and heighten awareness of the hundreds of children needing permanent loving homes.  Fighting For Children is also developing an After School program for foster children in Tampa Bay that provides transportation, a traditional Martial Arts curriculum that teaches honor, respect and discipline, and provides homework sessions with tutors, a computer lab, and snacks.

In conjunction with the video documentaries, select amateur and professional Muay Thai athletes personally endorse children and our programs prior to their competitions in tournaments, of which include events that are produced for television. These highly skilled athletes compete at an international level and proudly represent themselves as positive role models for children. They display humility, honor, respect and integrity, which have been character traits of traditional Martial Artists for centuries. Select athletes offer personal endorsements on video to endorse a child selected by them with their story as to why they have chosen that child. These heroes become a voice for children and the children are highly impacted by the fact that someone cares enough about them to fight for them.

The power of television and sports combined is a tremendous tool to bring awareness to the needs of children. There are thousands of children in need of families and permanent homes. In today’s era, we see so many organizations advocating the help and the adoption of pets and although that is a much needed service, we must also do everything in our power to advocate the help and adoption of children.